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Safety Pays

Decktight Roofing is very proud to have achieved a modification rate of .69, which is considerably lower than our peers and competitors. This rate is assigned by the State of Florida by comparing job-site injuries to the amount of premiums paid for workman’s compensation insurance.

This allows DeckTight Roofing to be more competitive as we will only pay 69% of the standard required premium mandated by the State for workman’s compensation Insurance. We have earned this discount by demonstrating results over many years and those savings are passed along to our customers.

Insurance Beyond Compare

We are consistently on new construction projects that demand high dollar limit ($8,000,000 limit) and all encompassing umbrella ($12,000,000 limit) insurance coverages. That being the case, all of our customers receive the benefits as they part of our annual package and not job specific.

Financial Strenght, Performance & Payment Bonds

A true test of a company’s financial strength is demonstrated by its ability to secure a multi-million dollar project with a Performance and Payment Bond from a “AA” rated Surety. At DeckTight, our core, everyday business involves securing Performance and Payment Bonds. These P & P Bonds guaranty an owner or builder that the job will be done on time and on budget. If DeckTight were unable to perform, the bonding company would hire another trade contractor to complete the project without cost to the owner.

It is especially important in these trying times to have a backup plan just in case. At DeckTight, our decades long consistent track record allows us to offer this security at the most competitive rates available.